Resume form

Your resume - a significant step in the search for work, leaving the first, but often determines the effect. If you read a summary and you are invited for an interview - so the first move was successful.

Remember, the resume should always be at your fingertips. It must be carefully drafted. It should be regularly and promptly, in accordance with the requirements of the new work, make adjustments - it is not known how quickly it may be necessary. Tweak the text resume for each job.

First, keep in mind your resume is going to read a man who of you knows anything. Best of all resumes sent by e-mail or fill on the site, you can bring in person. Try not to use facsimile - a state of most fax machines, and hence the type of resume can be evaluated as "mediocre." Remember, electronic resume will not always be outwardly unlike standard.

Second, the summary must be typed on a computer, preferably in the editor, MS-Word (save in the format. Rtf), look professional and presentable. Undesirable presentation copies, only the first instance, printed on white paper, preferably on a laser printer. Photos available on request (basically - recruiting agencies). Volume - no more than one and a half pages.

Third, specify the position or the position for which you are applying for. Call only those positions that require the company.

Fourth, select a large font family name, first name, birth date and the number of full years. Required contact info: home, cell or work phone number with area code. Do not be superfluous to specify email addresses and pager numbers. Home address, including zip code, up to number houses and apartments in order to send you a message about the vacancy for the post, if you can not guarantee flawless work phone. Need to tell your family situation. Do not write about civil marriages, divorces. Mention the presence of children if their age or health status will affect the work schedule and productivity. If no children, it should be noted.

Fifth, only write about education, influence the perception of CV as a whole. Written admission and graduation year college, university, etc., the full name of the school and the city, where he is, and the specialty department indicated in the diploma. Study: evening, part-time, full-time. Separately - courses and other forms of training. Not to raise the level of knowledge of foreign languages. Can preliminary check your level of knowledge by the employer or recruitment agency. Specify the possession of accounting programs, knowledge of the Internet, email, and special programs, such as graphics editors, the ability to work with office phone system and office equipment: copier, fax. Do not interfere with the mention of the existing categories of driver's license, available personal vehicle.

Template resume
Sixth, be sure to specify the last 2-3 job for a period not exceeding 10 years, in reverse chronological order, starting with the last, including part-time job. Job descriptions for each job. The reasons for dismissal, or finding a new job. For example: the lack of professional growth.

And finally, mark your positive aspects: health, teamwork, communication, etc.