Resume replaced the autobiography as a complete and optimal form of a presentation to the employer. Autobiography can be seen now, but they are not binding and are more complementary. The word "resume" has two closely related within the meaning of meaning. This is a Resume, the essence of the text, speech, a brief conclusion, the final outcome of things. Or compiled according to certain rules set of information about job applicants.

So how do you resume your own? How to start and can we use a sample resume or template?

There are many species and subspecies resume, but leave them the classification of employees HR-divisions. Applicants also will be useful only to the main types of resumes, which will be discussed below.
Types of CV

There are three main types of resumes: chronological, functional and combination. Choose one of the species is based on the specifics of experience, and the industry in which you plan to work.

Chronological - the most popular type of resume. The main focus of it is aimed directly at the experience. To create this type of resume, you must specify the last place of employment in chronological order. Thus, you will be able to demonstrate career and professional accomplishments at previous jobs, tell us about your experience, duties performed, and to demonstrate stability. If you write a short biography in reverse chronological order, it will show in the priglyadnom a high level of your skills and strengths.
This kind of resume does not fit in, if you want to change the scope of activity, or job title.

In a functional resume is worth paying attention to applicants who have unique skills, it does not have the necessary experience in the industry. The basis of the resume - job descriptions, you can perform, and basic skills. Describe your unique skills and Reinforce the text of a story about real developments in the desired area. Describing the experience you can always do not focus on the basic responsibilities, and those that could potentially interested employer. These may be treated as highly specialized skills and knowledge of foreign languages, computer programs, and others. With such a structure summaries can divert attention from the periods of suspension of work and inconsistencies of experience desired position. Ideal for those who want to radically change the scope of activities and try something new.

A combination resume as easy to guess from the name, combines the properties of the two previous ones. Here and chronological description of jobs, and characterization of the functions that you performed. The only drawback of such a resume - cumbersome. But at the same time it highlights the informative and beneficial characteristics of the applicant.

Recently gaining popularity creative resume, the essence of which - the presentation of the applicant, as a brand. This is especially significant for those who had already established itself in the chosen industry. In compiling this Resume is not certain patterns, the emphasis is usually made on the outcome of labor. Even if you can not make out a Resume way, it is useful to make a small Resume of the portfolio.